Treat your Pet this Holiday Season!

Posted on: Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Think you’re finished with everyone on your holiday shopping list? Why not do something special for your pet(s) this holiday season? Not only does buying a holiday present for your pet show them how truly special and loved they are, but there are many gifts out there that will help to improve their health and wellness at the same time.

GoughNuts are super tough!

A Dog Toy that Holds Up

No matter what type of gift you choose for your pet this holiday season, it is important that it be appropriate and safe for their size, and play-style. While that fluffy Santa toy may be fine for your more mellow mutts, it can be a hazard for larger, or more tenacious breeds, who tend to shred plush toys. For those power chewers, we recommend GoughNuts pet toys. These chew toys address the simple but serious issue, of safety in play. Each GoughNuts pet toy, has a built in visual safety indicator, that lets you know when the toy needs to be replaced. These toys are so tough, most dogs will never get to the safety indicator, but if they do, GoughNuts will replace the toy if it was purchased within a year of the return.

GoughNuts toys are made in the United States, from natural rubber. The GoughNut Maxx Black is recommended for the extreme chewer. For the less aggressive chewer there is the GoughNuts Original, and the GoughNuts Small. If your dog destroys everything, we highly recommend GoughNuts.

Buddy Biscuits are natural, and irresistible!

A Dog Treat, that’s Healthy too

This holiday season chose a treat for your pet that is both delicious and healthy. The original, low allergen treat, Buddy Biscuits, are natural and wholesome, plus they come in fun ginger-boy shapes! Buddy Biscuits are all natural and contain simple, clean, and wholesome ingredients. They are great for all dogs, even those with allergies or sensitivities. Buddy Biscuits are also low in fat, so you can feel good about treating your dog generously!

Buddy Biscuits also makes moist treats called Soft and Chewy Buddy Biscuits. These are soft treats you can feel good about. Made in the USA and free of corn, propylene glycol, BHA, BHT, and other nastiness commonly found in soft treats. These treats are perfect for older dogs, small dogs and puppies. They are also great for training your dog to do tricks!

The Purrfect Crunchy Feather Toy, will have your cat jumping!

A Cat Toy that Can Take it

Cats can also be aggressive at play, and it is just as important to choose safe toys for your feistier felines. The Purrfect Crunchy Feather cat toy is a great choice for fun and safe, interactive play, with your cat.

Made in the United States, and Winner of the 2010 Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice Award, this amazing toy features a 32″ clear flexible wand with patented flexi-neck, for bounce and safety, and 38″ colored reinforced cords. It has two different interchangeable ends, one with natural feathers surrounding a crunchy, tear resistant plastic, and the other end has a blend of natural feathers. All of the feathers on the toy are natural, and naturally treated. The Purrfect Crunchy Feather Cat Toy is a great way to get your cat to pounce away those pounds this winter season!

Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes, are delicious, and good for them!

A Natural Cat Treat

A great treat choice for your cat is Cat-Man-Doo, extra large, Bonito flakes. These treats are made from 100% dried Bonito (skipjack tuna), and contain no additives, preservatives, or byproducts. They are high in protein, and low in fat. Since they are made from a single protein source, you can be assured that Cat-Man-Doo treats are a healthy way for you to reward your cat (though dogs love them too!).

Bonito Flakes are an excellent source of Taurine, an essential dietary requirement for feline health. Taurine protects your cat from serious eye problems. The natural fish oils that are found in Bonito will keep your cat’s (or dog’s) fur shiny and beautiful, and will help with hairballs. Since they are low in calories, you can give them to your pet as often as you like. These treats are highly addictive so keep in a spot where your kitty will not be able to break into the container and consume the entire thing!

Here’s hoping you and your pet(s) have a safe, and happy Holiday!

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