Is a water fountain right for your pet?

Posted on: Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Drinkwell water fountain

Have you ever noticed your pet drinking out of the faucet or (yikes!) the toilet? In nature, moving water tends to be fresher and less likely to be stagnant, so it is no surprise that our pets are instinctively drawn to moving water. We carry a variety of water fountains to satisfy your pet’s urge for running water. These pet water fountains have many benefits for your life, and your pet’s:

  • Increases water consumption, ensuring that pets stay hydrated
  • Discourages jumping on the counter to drink from dripping faucets
  • May help prevent health problems such as Urinary Tract Infections and Kidney Disease
  • Circulating water stays cooler
  • Fountains don’t have to be filled as often as typical water bowls
  • Charcoal filters in fountains mean water stays clean
  • From now until July 10th, all fountains are 15% off, so it’s a perfect time to bring fresh water into your pet’s life!

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